Our Commitments Guide Our Actions

The following fundamental commitments drive every decision we make and every action we take.

We are committed to the industries we serve.

Feed Energy advances the issues and concerns of livestock and poultry producers through the company’s involvement in numerous industry associations. Visit industry links to see a list of organizations we support.

We are committed to innovation.

Feed Energy has earned a reputation for providing focused solutions to meet the evolving needs of livestock and poultry producers with unparalleled levels of performance, safety, cost efficiencies and service. See Dr. Mohan Dasari talk about our ongoing research and development efforts.

We are committed to the future of animal nutrition.

Whether it’s offering scholarships supplying fat tanks and equipment to universities, providing internships or speaking to classes, Feed Energy is helping train the next generation of animal nutritionists. Apply for Feed Energy excellence in ag scholarship.

We are committed to safety.

Feed Energy’s quality control laboratory develops and conducts a variety of tests to make sure that all products meet the highest quality standards. As a result we have earned the Safe Feed/Safe Food certification from the American Feed Industry Association. Listen to plant operations supervisor John Rullestad talk about the steps taken to assure a consistent, quality product time after time.

We are committed to service.

From tank repairs and tank monitoring systems to seven-days-a-week delivery, Feed Energy’s commitment to customer service is second to none. Listen to driver Jim Boyce talk about the importance of getting product to customers when they need it.

We are committed to science.

The science behind Feed Energy assures accurate and customizable supplemental fat products that optimizes energy levels for increased daily rate of gain, least cost feed formulation and enhanced animal health. Check out how our products deliver the science that delivers results.