Put the Feed Energy Factor to Work For You

Nutritionists, feed mills and poultry and livestock producers have discovered the value of the Feed Energy Factor. It’s what happens when you specify scientifically blended fats and oils from Feed Energy. It means better feed conversion, greater daily rates of gain, production efficiencies, 24/7 service and better profitability.

What our customers are saying about the Feed Energy Factor.

“We increased our Feed Energy fat inclusion rate and are experiencing a 10-point improvement in feed conversion.” – Iowa Turkey Producer

“When we switched from restaurant grease to Feed Energy’s All Vegetable 4000 product, we saw a 1.5 to 2.5 percent increase in egg size.” – Wisconsin Egg Producer

“Feed Energy consistently delivers one to two loads per day, five days a week and even on weekends, if necessary. Without those timely deliveries, we would have to stop or adjust feed formulation or substitute ingredients, which would delay production and delivery to our customers.” –Iowa Feed Mill Operator

“Feed Energy’s assistance in cleaning our vegetable oil tanks and suggesting a routine maintenance and cleaning plan on these tanks is helping us reduce the likelihood of future emergency problems with our system.” – Egg Producer

“Feed Energy’s active role in the turkey industry demonstrates their interest in advancing the issues and addressing concerns growers like me have.” – Turkey Producer

“Whether its drivers who take the time to clean up after deliveries or office personnel who respond to questions and concerns in a prompt and efficient manner, Feed Energy makes the difference for our operation.” – Feed Mill Operator