Astounding Customers Since 1986

Astounding! It is the single most important word to Feed Energy’s growth. From astounding products to astounding service, we are committed to exceeding customer expectations at every possible opportunity.

While the history of Feed Energy begins in 1986, the company's foundation goes back to the early 1950s when Roger Garrett set out to improve the quality and performance of livestock diets by formulating and blending animal and vegetable oils to a specific caloric content. Today, the Garrett formula serves as the basis for Feed Energy’s scientific approach to delivering better gains and greater feed efficiencies for livestock and poultry producers.

VISION: We will be recognized as leading experts in lipid science technology. We enhance and utilize fats and oils for solving animal production issues. We will spread the Feed Energy Experience to livestock and poultry producers nationwide.

MISSION: We provide high performance energy and essential nutrition to livestock and poultry through science based solutions. Trusted. Reliable. Sustainable.


Company purchased


Sioux City production facility opened


Metabolizable Growth Releaser

A natural metabolizable energy source. It is scientifically derived and formulated from the production of All Veg 4000 and is a terrific source for phospholipids. MGR assures you a consistent source of linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid shown to improve reproduction in cattle.


All Veg 4000

Naturally rich in antioxidants, All Veg 4000 assures you of the highest energy source available for the best performance possible.


Introduction of Full Time Lab


PFS: Plant Food Soilutions


FEC Solutions created


All three Feed Energy production facilities awarded Safe Feed/Safe Food certification


Director of Research & Development, Mohan Dasari, wins Presidential Green Chemistry Award


Environmental Stewardship Award (Individual) – Chairman, Bob Riley

Metro Waste Authority, Polk County – “Lifetime commitment to bridging the gap between agricultural and environmental interests and advocating environmentally sustainable agricultural practices.”


Decision Innovation Solutions created


Riverhead Resources created


Feed Energy’s Cal Halstead named President of the Iowa Turkey Federation


Corporate offices open in Pleasant Hill


Introduction of LIVE and LIVE Plus

LIVE and LIVE Plus are just two examples of how Feed Energy understands the challenges you face and responds with energy solutions to improve your operation’s efficiency.


Winners of the Iowa Turkey Federation’s Allied Achievement Award

The award is given bi-annually to allied members that have gone above and beyond their membership dues to support the activities and goals of the Iowa Turkey Federation.


Corn Oil One created