Phil Reeves

Phil Reeves currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Feed Energy Company. Spending more than 34 years continuously developing and expanding his knowledge at all levels of business, there are few areas of the business model that he has not touched.

A no-nonsense thinker, strategist and implementer with a personable touch, Phil has enjoyed success regardless of the role. Phil has honed his craft through exposure to various industries including, food and related industries; manufacturing and distribution; renewable fuels production; ag product processing and marketing; cooperative organizations; technology and software; entrepreneurial startups; financial services and insurance.

He started his career in Des Moines with the accounting firm of KPMG and continued on as CFO of AGRI Industries and CEO of Mrs. Clark’s Foods. In 2004 Phil formed Upstream Strategies Group which provided advisory and strategic consulting services to entrepreneurially-minded companies and business owners. Feed Energy Company has been a client of Phil’s since 2006 and is now his full-time focus.

Phil created and is also active in his role as a consultant for Upstream Strategies Group, which is a family of companies and a collection of services and resources. Each facet of the group maintains a different focus including consulting and advisory services to business owners and entrepreneurs, business development, and investment and equity related resources for select early stage business opportunities.   Phil bases his success on long-term relationships and creating win-wins.

Phil is a native of Des Moines and received his degree in Business Administration — Accounting from Drake University. Phil and his wife Gail currently reside in the Denver, Colorado area, where they enjoy outdoor activities and spending time with family. They have 3 children and a one grandson all living in Colorado.