• It is very important to us that we have trustworthy suppliers that are going to give us an antibiotic free and all-vegetable diet guaranteed. And, we’re getting that from Feed Energy.
    — Feed Energy Customer, South Dakota

AntiBiotic Free Advantage

Consumers demand antibiotic free food products, and Feed Energy can help you deliver it.

It starts by eliminating any trace of antibiotics from your feed — a never/never approach. Our verified antibiotic free, all vegetable product — ABF Advantage — helps do just that while promoting animal health and performance.

We take the production of ABF Advantage very seriously.

Producing an antibiotic free product doesn’t just happen. It takes an investment in technology, processes, personnel and equipment. We have made that investment so when you see Feed Energy’s “ANTIBIOTIC FREE” stamp you are assured that the product has been manufactured and delivered according to the following principles:

    • No Distiller’s Corn Oil

      We take a never/never approach so you can rest easy knowing that your product is not only stable and consistent but also free of pesticides and antibiotics.

    • Supplier Verification

      A supplier assessment process ensures that we work with vendors who meet our exacting standards. Being able to trace ingredients to their source has, and always will be, a Feed Energy factor, as is constant monitoring and testing throughout the production process.

    • Robust Testing

      Consistent testing of incoming raw materials ensures the purity and quality of ingredients prior to production. Expanded measures have been added to our testing protocol to ensure that the ABF Advantage we deliver is exactly what you ordered — all vegetable and free of antibiotics.

    • Segregated Processing & Identity Preserved Transportation

      When we say the product is all vegetable and free of antibiotics, we mean it. That’s why we have dedicated tanks, trailers, piping and other manufacturing equipment specifically in place to produce and deliver ABF Advantage. No one goes the distance to reduce risk and ensure your profit like Feed Energy.

    • Commitment to Food Safety

      Our commitment to meeting and exceeding all industry standards has resulted in Feed Energy being named a SAFE FEED SAFE FOOD Certified Facility, the mark of excellence in the feed industry. We take it to the next level to ensure the safety of our oils, which results in safer feed for your animals and safer food products for consumers.

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