FE Low FFA Low IV Tallow

Pigs tend to eat a given amount of energy based on both their body weight and the air temperature. When liquid fat is added to this diet, pigs reduce feed intake while maintaining weight gain. In addition, studies show a 4 percent increase in pig survival to weaning when liquid fat is added to sows’ gestation period prior to farrowing.

FE Low FFA Low IV Tallow is a custom-formulated high-energy, low iodine value feed ingredient for the swine industry. All Feed Energy products are backed by the Safe Feed/Safe Food certification.

  • Parameter Product Specification
  •   Typical
  • Total Fatty Acids92.0%
  • Moisture2.0%
  • Impurities: Tallow0.15%
  • Unsaponifiable Matter2.0%
  • FFA20.0%
  • Iodine Value45
  • Dioxins (via electron capture)Negative
  • Pesticides and PCBBelow FDA/EPA tolerance levels
  • Stability< 5 Initial P.V., under 20 meq @ 20 Hrs.

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