Corn Oil ONE® (for swine)

Corn Oil ONE® is just one example of how Feed Energy understands the challenges you face and responds with energy solutions to improve your operation’s efficiency. By continually refining and advancing innovative methods of formulating and blending fats and oils, Feed Energy has earned a reputation as the premier provider of energy solutions to meet the evolving needs of swine producers. For unparalleled levels of performance, safety, cost efficiencies and service, Feed Energy delivers science that delivers results.

  • Parameter Product Specification
  •   Typical
  • Metabolizable Energy Calories (Kcal/lb.)4,000
  • Total Fatty Acids98.0%
  • Moisture1.0%
  • Free Fatty Acids1.0%
  • Dioxins (via electron capture)Negative
  • AntibioticsNegative
  • Pesticides and PCBBelow FDA/EPA tolerance levels
  • Stability< 5 Initial P.V., under 20 meq @ 20 Hrs.
  • PreservativeMixed Tocopherols

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