Metabolizable Growth Releaser (MGR) is a natural metabolizable energy source that improves reproduction in cattle. Scientifically derived and formulated from the production of All Veg 4000, MGR is an ideal source for phospholipids in ruminant diets. It may be used as a base product for liquid feed, an alternative to liquid feed or as a part of an overall liquid feed to assure you of a consistent source of linoleic acid. All Feed Energy products are backed by the Safe Feed/Safe Food certification.

  • Parameter Product Specification
  •   Typical
  • Total Fatty Acids16.0%
  • Free Fatty Acids; as a % of total fat55.0%
  • Crude Fat20.0%
  • Moisture60.0%
  • Insoluble Matter15.0%
  • Unsaponifiable10.0%

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