PFS by Feed Energy

We know you want greener and hardier foliage early in the growth cycle. We know you want the nutrients to promote a healthy soil environment.

But in the end, we know all you really want to do is make your neighbors and friends jealous about the results you’re getting from your fields that they aren’t getting from theirs. That’s what field envy is all about, and the best way to get that is with PFS by Feed Energy.

A Naturally Better Value
PFS by Feed Energy is derived from soybeans as a by-product of soybean refining, yet it has many of the same benefits and all the results of traditional fertilizers.

More Micronutrients
Go beyond just NPK with PFS by Feed Energy that delivers beneficial nutrients, including phosphorus, potash, sulfur, zinc, magnesium, iron and nitrogen, which are immediately available to your plants. To receive a complete certified analysis of all guaranteed nutrients, contact us today.

A Difference You Can See
Sulfur enhances photosynthesis in PFS by Feed Energy, giving you greener, hardier foliage early in the growth cycle.

Delivering NPK Needs
At a recommended application rate of 300 gallons per acre, the minimum guaranteed analysis is 28N, 48P, 11K and 33S.

University Tested
Iowa State University research studies have shown that PFS by Feed Energy is beneficial as both a soil conditioner and a plant fertilizer.

Better Corn Stover Degradation
PFS by Feed Energy breaks down your corn stover quicker than alternative options and is great for replenishing nutrients in corn-on-corn rotations.


For more information or to order PFS by Feed Energy, call 712-790-2401.

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