FE HyperCal 3800

FE HyperCal 3800 is a scientifically-formulated blend of vegetable oils and high-grade animal fats that provides high energy at an economical cost. This balanced blend of unsaturated and saturated fatty acids assures the proper fatty acid profile to satisfy the nutritional needs of livestock and poultry diets. FE HyperCal 3800 is guaranteed to contain 3,800 kilocalories of metabolizable energy per pound. All Feed Energy products are backed by the Safe Feed/Safe Food certification.

  • Parameter Product Specification
  •   Typical
  • Metabolizable Energy Calories (Kcal/lb.)3,800
  • Total Fatty Acids90.0%
  • Moisture2.0%
  • Impurities: Tallow0.15%
  • Impurities: Other Animal Fats0.85%
  • Unsaponifiable Matter2.0%
  • Linoleic Fatty Acid33.0%
  • Free Fatty Acids55.0%
  • Pesticides and PCBBelow FDA/EPA tolerance levels
  • Stability< 5 Initial P.V., under 20 meq @ 20 Hrs.
  • PreservativeAvailable Upon Request

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