FE HyperCal 3900

FE HyperCal 3900 is a scientifically-formulated blend of vegetable oils and high-grade animal fats produced to provide high energy at an economical cost. A balanced blend of unsaturated and saturated fatty acids will assure you of the proper fatty acid profile designed to satisfy the nutritional needs of a variety of species. FE HyperCal 3900 is guaranteed to contain 3,900 kilocalories of metabolizable energy per pound.

  • Parameter Product Specification
  •   Typical
  • Metabolizable Energy Calories (Kcal/lb.)3,900
  • Total Fatty Acids92.0%
  • Moisture2.0%
  • Impurities: Tallow0.15%
  • Impurities: Other Animal Fats0.85%
  • Unsaponifiable Matter2.0%
  • Free Fatty Acids55.0%
  • Dioxins (via electron capture)Negative
  • Pesticides and PCBBelow FDA/EPA tolerance levels
  • Stability< 5 Initial P.V., under 20 meq @ 20 Hrs.
  • PreservativeMixed Tocopherols

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