LIVE PLUS (Low Iodine Value Energy) is a custom-formulated animal-vegetable blend developed specifically to meet the needs of swine producers. Research shows that adding liquid fat to a pig’s diet reduces feed intake while maintaining weight gains. A 4 percent increase in pigs' survival to weaning is also reported when liquid fat is added to sows’ gestation period prior to farrowing.

Feed Energy's LIVE PLUS Blend is a cost-effective liquid fat option for more reasons than one:

  • Lower iodine values for higher performance — Iodine values play a key role in determining carcass fat quality. Feed Energy has formulated LIVE PLUS to deliver a consistently lower iodine value.
  • Essential micronutrients for overall health — LIVE PLUS delivers high levels of fat soluble vitamins such as A, E and K to enhance antibody protection and reduce the risk of inflammation.
  • The safe choice for your animals and your customers — Like all Feed Energy products, LIVE PLUS is backed by Safe Feed/Safe Food certification, assuring you that the products used in their liquid fat blends are tracked and traced with the utmost attention to detail.
  • Parameter Product Specification
  •   Typical
  • Total Fatty Acids85.0 %
  • Free Fatty Acids35.0 %
  • Moisture2.0 %
  • Impurities: Tallow0.15 %
  • Impurities: Other Animal Fat0.85 %
  • Unsaponifiables2.0 %
  • Pesticides and PCBBelow FDA/EPA tolerance levels

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