Feed Energy Chairman Robert Riley, Jr. discusses how the company lives up to its primary mission of astounding customers.

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What You Feed Your Animals Matters

A fat is a fat right? Wrong. We often find ourselves in this debate with producers. It goes something like this.

Producer: “My average daily rate of gain continues to be extremely inconsistent.”

Feed Energy: “What type of supplemental fat are you using?”

Producer: “I’m not sure, whatever is in the formulation that I get from the feed mill.”

Feed Energy: “Well have you considered that your gain fluctuations are a result of the supplemental fat being used?”

Producer: “No, all fats are pretty much the same, right?”

The reality is that all fats are not created equal. Some operations are using yellow grease, bakery by-products or biodiesel coproducts to reach their energy requirements. The question is simple — would you trust the quality control of your feed ingredients to a fry cook?

Most supplemental fat sources are extremely variable and inconsistent from load to load. Feed Energy reduces this variability by blending to specific fatty acid profiles. Our proprietary blend formula eliminates this inconsistency.

Feed Energy has a proprietary formula for producing the right fatty acid profile to achieve the greatest energy consumption, highest levels of Omega-3 fatty acids and correct blend of saturated to unsaturated fatty acids for ideal absorption of all dietary nutrients. We call this trade secret the Feed Energy Blend Program. We test all incoming raw material for its fatty acid profile so we know exactly what levels of saturated and unsaturated fats exist in the material. As we blend, we recalculate the fatty acid profile to deliver the exact fatty acid specifications determined by Feed Energy to deliver optimal performance in our products. We can also blend for fatty acid requirements specified by customers, if there are certain levels required by the nutritionist for optimal performance in specific growing environments.

What you feed your animals does matter and consistency starts by demanding high-quality, supplemental fat.