Feed Energy Director of Research Mohan Dasari talks about current research and development initiatives taking place at Feed Energy.

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Feed Energy’s Rotovap is an efficient way to evaporate off a solvent to reclaim pure oil for testing and new product development. Feed Energy uses this device in many of its initial lab-scale innovation or new product development projects.

Gas Chromatograph

Feed Energy’s Gas Chromatograph tests for pesticides in incoming or outgoing loads. Feed Energy guarantees all products are free of pesticides. (Safe Feed/Safe Food certification)

Near Infrared (NIR) Spectrometer

Feed Energy’s Near Infrared (NIR) spectrometer has been calibrated to test fatty acid profiles of various vegetable and animal fats and oils. Feed Energy has one of the most comprehensive NIR assays for fats and oils in the world.

Feed Energy Samples

Feed Energy retains samples of all incoming raw materials for six months and outgoing loads for at least one full year. This ensures traceability of our products and a complete fatty acid profile database for all fats and oils handled by Feed Energy.