Feed Energy Director of Research Mohan Dasari talks about current research and development initiatives taking place at Feed Energy.

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Quality Every Step Along the Way

To ensure that quality products are delivered to poultry and livestock producers, Feed Energy has stringent quality control and assurance procedures throughout the production and testing processes. Feed Energy’s quality control laboratory is administered and staffed by trained chemists and engineers who develop and conduct a variety of product tests to make sure that all the raw materials received, as well as the products delivered, meet the highest quality standards. It is all part of Feed Energy’s seven-step comprehensive QC7 program.

1. Vendor Approval Process — Feed Energy works exclusively with only pre-approved suppliers of raw material.

2. Ingredient Testing — All incoming raw materials are tested using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the materials are free of contaminates and meet the necessary specifications for production.

3. Blend Formulation — This complete process ensures that the engineered finished products, blended from the raw materials, are based on science and statistically verified to meet specific customer requirements.

4. Finished Goods Blending — Feed Energy ships from one tank while blending and testing in others, assuring customers of uninterrupted product supply.

5. Blend Verification — Blend formulations and finished product analyses are verified prior to releasing shipments, and all reports are archived and used for statistical process control.

6. Truckload Verification — Plant personnel and drivers ensure that the customer specifications match the finished product being shipped to their location.

7. MSA/Audit — This complete process verifies that all sampling techniques and measurement systems are valid and calibrated throughout all processes.

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