Keep An Eye on Your Liquid Fat Tanks

Thanks to new technology, Feed Energy can remotely monitor your liquid fat tanks for real-time data on current tank volumes and more. Based on this information, Feed Energy can respond quickly to your liquid fat needs and address critical situations before issues become problems for your operations.

Monitor Tank Volume

When indicators show low tank levels, Feed Energy can automatically dispatch a truck to your mill location. This allows you to replenish tanks as needed without having to phone in an order, eliminates the need to place multiple orders per week to ensure continuous operation cycles and reduces the likelihood of lost production time as a result of a lack of liquid fat.

Monitor Tank Conditions

Having access to historical data allows Feed Energy’s Remote Tank Monitoring to identify irregular changes in tank levels that could be a result of corrosion, wear and tear or small leaks. Alerting you of these irregularities allows you to take action before those conditions lead to major disasters or costly emergency repairs.

Monitor Tank Temperatures

When liquid fat gets too hot or too cold it can cause issues such as binding, settling or lack of viscosity. By continuously tracking tank temperature levels, Feed Energy’s Remote Tank Monitoring is a valuable tool for assuring consistent flowability and proper handling of liquid fat and notifying feed mills to make temperature adjustments to prevent expensive problems.

Monitor Historic Data

Feed Energy monitors historic inventory levels to make certain your needs can be met well before you are short on product. Remote Tank Monitoring can identify what mill locations may need loads in the coming days to ensure we have your customized product ready when needed.

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