Mission & Vision

Our Mission Statement

We help feed the world by providing safe, energy-based nutrition solutions.

Company Values


We act to have a positive impact, what we do makes a difference, we are responsible, proactive, precise, and action-oriented, are part of something greater


We ask questions, we want to understand and continuously learn (why, why not), we are innovative and thorough, we seek people who think differently, not afraid to try, explorers

Not Wasteful

We will always honor our resources (time, capital, materials, environment, people), are resourceful, efficient, competent , frugal, economical and practical


While focused on business, we know the importance of relationships; we are honest, good communicators, and want to improve our company/co-workers, partners, and people; we are engaging, friendly, professional and respectful and do what we say.


Always adapting to change, flexible, not reactive, challenge the status quo, strive to continuously improve