Features & Benefits

Innovative Products Bringing Astounding Results

We are proud of our innovative blends of lipids. The benefits of Feed Energy fat-based products start with our quality monitoring processes and our tried-and-true techniques. The results can be seen in the healthy livestock that consume our product.

Better Feed Efficiencies

Unlike many of the alternatives, each Feed Energy substance is scientifically formulated to maximize the consistency in your livestock rate of consumption, preventing variable amounts of metabolizable energy each feeding. Our research and development scientists guarantee the same amount of kilocalories to be formulated into every batch, delivering stability and regularity to your feed production.

Better Daily Weight Gains

Get your livestock to the market faster and increase annual production revenue with consistent improvements of weight gain in your flocks and herds. Replace your current feed ingredients with Feed Energy’s economical industry-leading products that provide better weight gains while increasing nutritional value. Our formula has been shown to improve feed digestibility and maximize metabolizable energy, bringing about weight gains day after day. This adds up to give you shorter wait time to get to market, giving you a better turnaround each year and thus bringing in more revenue.

Safer Animal Production

Feed Energy works to ensure that products are tracked from the point of origin and monitored throughout the delivery process so as to prevent the outbreak of disease. Our team adheres above and beyond the current standards of biosecurity safety practices in order to protect herds and flocks from outbreaks of E-Coli, Avian Influenza, and more. Our Safe Feed, Safe Food certification validates our commitment to quality.

Reproductive Benefits

Over and over again, users of Feed Energy’s fat-based liquid feed ingredients reap the benefits of greater success during the pre-weaning period of their livestock. Improve your livestock reproduction process and improve your animal production gains by introducing products containing benefits for the health of both livestock and their offspring.

Introduce A Better Feed Solution to Your Flock or Herd