Vegetable/Animal Blends​

A Swine-Specific Ingredient for Increased Weight

The Feed Energy Low Iodine Value Energy (LIVE) PLUS is a custom-formulated animal-vegetable blend feed ingredient created specifically to meet needs of swine producers. The decision to make the switch to LIVE PLUS means a decision to increase pigs’ chance of survival to weaning, while decreasing feed intake without sacrificing weight gains.

LIVE PLUS Swine Feed Ingredient Benefits:

  1. Higher Performance. Iodine values play a key role in determining carcass fat quality. Feed Energy has formulated LIVE PLUS to deliver a consistently lower iodine value.
  2. Better Overall Health. High levels of fat-soluble vitamins such as A, E, and K serve as essential micronutrients in the health of your swine. Switching to LIVE PLUS means enhancing antibody protection and reducing the risk of inflammation.
  3. Safer for the Whole Food Chain. Healthy, natural nutrition starts at the beginning of the food chain–with whatever product is fed to livestock through feed and feed ingredients. Like all Feed Energy products, LIVE PLUS is backed by our Safe Feed Safe Food certification.