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At the 2021 World Pork Expo, we gave away two YETI coolers. The winner of the Yeti Tundra Hard Haul cooler was Tim Hofer with Lakeview Hutterite Colony.


The winner of the YETI Tundra Hard cooler was Steven Grosz with the Oakland Hutterite Colony shown here with Glen Burgett, Feed Energy Customer Service Manager on his right.


Sharing a laugh with guests at the World Pork Expo Feed Energy booth are left to right facing the camera Scott Harrington (Chairman of the Board), Bob Riley (Founder of the company Chairman Emeritus) and Torie Hollingsworth (Project Coordinator)


Guests enjoy the ice sculpture.


In our booth at the World Pork Expo are L-R Mohan Dasari (Senior Director Product & Process Development) and Luke Hardie (Project & Controls Engineer)


Members of the Feed Energy staff in the World Pork Expo booth.  Left to right Ted Stephens (Marketing), Mahfuz Abdullah (Product Development), Cal Halstead (Sales), Scott Harrington (Chairman of the Board), Glen Burgett (Customer Service Manager), Scott Cadwell (Sales), Chris Snyder (CEO)


The 2021 Iowa Pork Queen and her Ambassadors stopped by the Feed Energy booth to have their picture taken with our ice sculpture of a sow and her babies.  Left to right are Youth Ambassador Paige Dagel, Queen Leah Marek and Youth Ambassador Reagan Gibson.