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Feed Energy Company Introduces New Line of Livestock Supplements, Formulated by Species

StimGain, Feed Energy’s new liquid animal feed supplement, is designed to achieve optimal performance

Des Moines, IAFeed Energy is excited to announce that StimGain will join their existing lineup of valueadd animal health and nutrition products. However, unlike their current product line of highvalue fats and oils, StimGain will be the first in their line to support nutritional gains in dairy and beef cattle, as well as in poultry and swine. Available on September 1st, these products will contribute to exceptional feed efficiency and be designed for specific livestock needs. Feed Energy developed and will distribute StimGain after its recent acquisition of assets in Luverne, MN.

Each StimGain formula is developed by Feed Energy nutrition scientists and production teams. In addition to its industryleading customer service promise, over the years, Feed Energy’s R&D team has developed several highquality energy products that producers have come to rely on for animal health and optimization.

“This expansion allows us to advance our existing expertise within the livestock industry while continuing to provide innovative solutions that help our customers meet their goals,” says Chris Snyder, CEO of Feed Energy. “Our customers know, trust, and depend on the quality of our products, and we are excited to add StimGain to our product list.”

StimGain can be used in combination with Feed Energy’s fat and oilbased products and will be immediately available in both bovine and swine formulations. Feed Energy plans to expand the line to other species in the future.

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Feed Energy Company is an entity of Riley Resource Group (RRG), a multigenerational familyowned collection of agriculturerelated companies dedicated to serving their communities. Feed Energy is a leading fat and oilbased feed additives producer known for its extensive research and development processes and commitment to sustainable, nowaste practices. RRG also consists of FEC Solutions, Decision Innovation Solutions, Riverhead Resources, and Corn Oil One.