by Mohan Dasari – Director of Research & Development
What threatens our customers business also threatens our business.
The focus on food safety has never been more intense. Almost every week there is something in the press about another food source that was contaminated with E. coli or Salmonella.
Pathogenic diseases are a constant threat for our producers. And it has become even more challenging as restaurant chains and consumers are demanding Antibiotic Free meat making our producers’ operations even more vulnerable to a disease outbreak.
At Feed Energy we are well aware that animal feed is one of the primary vectors through which pathogens can enter a farm operation. As an integral part of the food chain we are highly sensitive to food safety issues. Our philosophy is what threatens our customers business also threatens our business.
With that philosophy in mind the management team asked my Research and Development staff to find a solution to help mitigate the threat of pathogens in feed. I’m proud to say we have unlocked the formula enabling us to produce a family of products that are naturally anti-pathogenic.
R2 Premium Brand of Nutraceuticals is our patent pending proprietary line of products that delivers specific nutrients to the animal through feed – while at the same time mitigating E. coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter, Listeria and Clostridium in the animal and in the animal’s environment. Our laboratory studies proved that R2 would mitigate as much as 95% of the pathogens.
We have several commercial poultry and swine operations incorporating R2 Nutraceuticals in their feeding system. They are, and we are, delighted with the results. What was a very pleasant surprise was the affect R2 had on the overall environment of the operations setting off a chain reaction of benefits for the producers.
The healthier environment naturally decreased the mortality rate in animals
As a result of not wasting energy fighting off disease – more of the energy the animals consumed went toward faster weight gains.
The faster weight gain help to increase feed efficiency and average daily gain
The healthier environment gave baby pigs time to develop their immune system significantly increasing survival rates.
We are excited about this major breakthrough in biosecurity. We believe the security benefits of R2 will affect the entire food chain from the producer, to the processor, to the grocery store, to the restaurant, to the consumer.
To see data from the control studies or to set up a meeting to discuss the specifics of R2 give us call – 800 451-9413. Hopefully after the meeting you will be as excited about R2 as we are.
Article published in Sioux Nation Ag Poultry Magazine, Winter 2018