If there is one thing that can be said about Feed Energy, Innovation is in the DNA of each of our cells. We have core values that specifically call out “Curiosity,” and describe it as “A willingness to explore, investigate, and understand; expanding our knowledge.” I would say that curiosity is not in short supply around Feed Energy!

One of the other core values that we call out is “Impact,” further described as “Acting with intention to make a difference.”

Where Curiosity and Impact collide, you find New Product Development. The collision of these two attributes happens a lot around Feed Energy. Over the years, we have developed many products that provide value to our feed customers, to our fertilizer customers, to our crop protection customers, and to many others.

As I look back over the history of the company, I remember our “bio-asphalt” dust control products, with special materials and processes that made a linoleumlike product that built longer lasting gravel roads. I remember the canola oil products that we made for Eggland’s Best, to help them produce a low cholesterol egg. I remember the experiments we did at the Iowa State University Rhodes Research Farm with various blends of nutrients that turned into Plant Food Soilution (PFS). And then there was the combination of choline, ethanolamine and soy oil with alfalfa, soy hulls, corn stalks, and wheat midds to come up with a high energy roughage to fit the cattle market. This spring, we are in the process of rolling out three new products, and might slide a couple more into the market before year end!

From our researchers, our customers, from each department, our ideas explode like popcorn. Sometimes, so many, we can’t keep up. They just keep on coming! We have phytosterols, which can fight against gut inflammation and other parasites and worms. We continue to work on new things every waking hour. Innovation never sleeps.

The DNA of innovation at Feed Energy is still strong, the curiosity of all our people is still popping, and the impact of our ideas continues to improve the lives of our customers. Curiosity. Impact. The collision makes sparks! Keep those ideas coming!