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To Our Valued Customers and Friends –

We personally wanted to reach out and assure you that Feed Energy is very concerned about protecting the health and welfare of both our employees and customers from the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

We know that our customers depend on us to deliver our products with the nutrients their poultry and livestock need – regardless of the circumstances.

What are we doing NOW to protect both our employees and customers during the COVID-19 outbreak:

*All employees who are able to perform essential job duties from home have been told to do so.  You may need to reach a regular contact by mobile phone.

*We will use staggered scheduling for all employees that must physically be on site to help minimize potential personal interaction.

*All employees have been told if they don’t feel well to stay home.

*All employees have been asked to practice “social-distancing” and maintain a minimum of six feet between each other in all situations including home, at work and public places.

*All truck drivers have been instructed to limit their physical interaction with our customers to only what is absolutely necessary to do their job. They have been instructed to stay in the cab when possible, communicate to the feed mill by phone and practice our normal biosecurity rules to protect both humans, as well as, livestock.

*All truck drivers will put on a new set of gloves and shoe covers before exiting the cab to deliver product.

*All truck drivers have provided assurance they have not traveled to or from areas where there has been an outbreak of the coronavirus.

*All truck drivers will spray the floorboards, tires, and wheel wells with disinfectant spray prior to and after delivery.

*We are disinfecting common spaces such as our corporate office, plant offices, rest rooms and break areas.

*The only guests allowed in our offices or plants have been preauthorized and given permission to be on site only if they follow our strict biosecurity rules.

*In the event an employee comes into contact with someone affected by the virus or contracts the virus themselves, we will assure that current CDC guidelines are followed before the employee returns to work.

*We will make all arrangements necessary to staff our operations to provide on-time delivery of our products.

Moving forward

We are aware the coronavirus circumstances are changing hourly. We will continue to monitor the situation and make adjustments as necessary to maintain a safe work environment for our employees while delivering high-quality service to our customers.

We will believe there is a relatively low risk of one of Feed Energy’s plants having to shut down due to the virus, but we will be carefully managing shifts to make sure.

Communication is key – we will provide you with weekly updates and ask that you keep us aware of any coronavirus outbreak at your facility. You may need to reach your regular contact by mobile phone. And, if you have any questions or information to share.  Please contact your Account Manager or Glen Burgett, Customer Service Manager:

Cal Halstead – or by cell 515 783-5544
Nick Knute – or by cell 712 790-2401
Scott Cadwell – or by cell 712 251-9255
Glen Burgett – or by cell 712 308-3844


Robert Riley, Jr., Chairman of the Board, Feed Energy Company


Chris Snyder, CEO, Feed Energy Company

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