Listed below are five (5) video links to segments of a seminar by Dr. Brian Kerr, Nutritionist at USDA-Animal Research Services put on during the 2019 Iowa Pork Congress Convention. The title of his presentation was “Thoughts on Fat and Lipid Use in Swine Production”. In his presentation Dr. Kerr covered the complexities of lipids as an essential energy source in swine. He addresses the importance of understanding lipid composition and quality factors affecting digestion and metabolism. He also addressed lipid peroxidation and the complex dynamic process that degrades the value of lipids.

Video 1: Fatty Acids and Digestibility
Video 2: “2nd Process” Energy value of specialty lipids – Digestibility
Video 3: Analysis of distillers corn oil
Video 4: “At what point does chain length have a negative impact on digestibility?”
Video 5: 2nd part of study: Peroxidation and effects of temperature on the feed

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